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Working to Increase Regional Internet Speeds | Western magazine


Labor has pledged to boost the internet in the regions, increasing the number of homes and businesses with access to world-class speeds.

The party says it will increase the percentage of those with access to speeds over 100Mbps from one-third to 80% in Australia’s regions and rural areas by the end of 2025.

The measure would benefit 3.7 million households and businesses.

It builds on the Labor Party’s commitment to expand full fiber NBN access to 1.5 million premises by 2025 as part of a $3.2 billion consolidated plan.

Labor communications spokeswoman Michelle Rowland said the party would increase satellite data allowances as well as fixed wireless speeds if it forms government in May.

“We will also push fiber much deeper into regional Australia, benefiting an additional 660,000 homes and businesses,” she said.

“Regional Australia will have better broadband under Labour.”

All NBN users will be able to access speeds of 100 Mbps and up to 85% will be able to access 250 Mbps, benefiting some 755,000 homes and businesses.

Monthly data allowances for 300,000 premises on SkyMuster satellite customers will also be increased to 90 GB per month.

The unmetered time limit for SkyMuster plus data will also be extended to 16 hours, from the current six-hour window.

Australian Associated Press