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Talking Heads Spark to Life Online for the 45th Anniversary of ’77’ LP


Talking Heads Celebrates 45 Years of Debut Album “Talking Heads ’77” with New Site/Instagram/YouTube and More

Originally released in April 1977, Talking heads: 77 announced the arrival of the groundbreaking musical group, the one who put David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison and Tina Weymouth firmly on the map and launched the career of one of the most exciting and influential bands of all. time.

2022 marks the 45th anniversary of this classic record, and to commemorate the occasion talking heads have recently come to life online.

Although this burst of activity includes no hint of a reunion, something music fans have been looking for decades since the band last shared the stage in 2002. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonyit is certainly remarkable nevertheless.

It was that 1977 debut album, of course, that included “Psycho Killer,” one of Talking Heads’ most enduring songs and a perfect example of the band’s unique appeal:

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As part of this celebratory activity, Talking Heads launched its first official website — Click herefirst official YouTube channel — Click hereand the Instagram page, which has shared a series of archival images from across the band’s history over the past few weeks… activity that has generated feverish interest in any kind of news the band may (or may not) have in reserve.

It’s worth pointing out that an official Instagram page for the band first surfaced in 2019, sparking buzz about a reunion – but that buzz was quickly quashed by a report from rolling stone.

Connected to the new YouTube channel, several Talking Heads music videos have been upgraded to HD. Here is “And she was”:

“Love for Sale”:


Additionally, all Talking Heads studio albums are also available in Dolby Atmos:

Atmos blends include Talking Heads: ’77 (1977), More songs about buildings and food (1978), fear of music (1979), stay in the light (1980), speaking in tongues (1983), little creatures (1985), True stories (1986), and Naked (1988). Listen now.

Whether the long-awaited reunion will materialize remains to be seen (or not, as Byrne seems content with his massively popular solo career and recent Broadway success), but this recent burst of activity aimed at celebrating the band’s legacy is enough. interesting. by himself.

Stay tuned …