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Raising Your Tea – SRQIST :: SRQ Magazine Article by Dylan Campbell


At Elevation Tea Company, owner Jennifer Martinez takes loose leaf tea to new heights.

Jennifer Martinez shows off her loose teas area in her downtown storefront.

“In my previous career, I was actually a hybrid UX designer and software engineer. At the time, I was working for a fintech company in Austin, TX, building mobile apps for banks and credit unions,” says Jennifer Martinez, founder and owner of Elevation Tea Company. “I’ve always designed for other people. One day I sat there and thought, ‘I’m doing this for everyone. I want to do it for me.


This desire to change not only the way he works, but also the way he lives is what drove Martinez to create Elevation Tea Company in 2018. . It was really my introduction to tea,” says Martinez. “So I eventually moved on to more natural things, I started exploring herbal teas and different more natural versions of loose leaf tea. That’s where I discovered that a lot of the healing process started in my body and tea became a gateway to a healthier lifestyle.

From there, Elevation Tea Company began its journey as an online business, selling only loose tea bags from Austin, Texas, before Martinez and his partner moved to Sarasota. Then came the ten-by-ten-square-foot popup tent at the Venice and Englewood Farmers’ Markets, eventually replaced by a trailer and offering of iced, hot, and tea-based mixed drinks, and finally a display case in the center -city of Sarasota, which opened in May. 14th. Some of the offerings that include over 40 loose leaf teas that can be brewed to your liking include Elevation Tea’s signature blended drinks and tea floats. Yes, that’s right, a typical ice cream float, but with a special tea flavored ice cream dipped in iced tea, topped with a macaron cookie. “You have ice cream, you have tea, then you have a French macaroon. One of the newest is our Fruity Pebbles float which has Earl Gray ice cream – vanilla ice cream with lemon oreos and has the flavor of bergamot, which flavors Earl Gray tea. Then it’s topped with our Reb Rooibos loose leaf tea and a blueberry-lemon macaron. said Martinez.

The process of creating these flavor profiles, like Elevation Tea Company itself, does not happen overnight. Whether it’s the Fruity Pebbles float or the Mint Julep mixed drink, born from Martinez’s memories of enjoying the drink on trips to Disneyland as a child in California, Martinez will stop at nothing to create that “experience perfect user”. “There were months of drinking really nasty concoctions of what I was trying to do. Just hold on and keep going – that patience in the face of failure is something from my past career that has really helped me in many ways for Elevation Tea Company,” says Martinez.

Elevation Tea Company, 1383 McAnsh Square, Sarasota, elevationteaco.com