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Print Phoenix – SRQist :: SRQ magazine article by Brittany Mattie


Owner Georgia Court is building the new downtown location. Photo by Wyatt Kostygan

We can be biasedbut we hope the print never dies. Nothing beats the palpable smell of opening a new book. The tactile sensation of holding pages between the fingers. Doggy listening or pointing out a favorite quote or a particularly poignant paragraph. Devouring a hardback or paperback dinner cover that you just couldn’t bear to put down. Admit it, looking over a shelf stacked with colorful spines and inviting titles evokes an air of scientific prestige that a Kindle, audiobook, or social media platform simply can’t provide. So we especially like to see small businesses in the fun publishing industry succeed.


Having opened its doors in 2011 to bring a high-quality independent bookstore to the Sarasota area, Bookstore1 celebrates its tenth anniversary with an exciting move to continue providing book lovers – patrons and authors – with an intimate and personalized shopping experience. Bookstore1 will say goodbye to its downtown location at the corner of Palm Avenue and Main Street, where its storefronts with the latest and greatest books recommended by Bookstore1 employees have drawn passers-by closer. But it’s not a goodbye forever, it’s a date on State Street and Lemon Avenue, a few blocks away. As retailers begin to fill the outdoor breezeway on the ground floor of The Mark, Bookstore1 officially opens its new doors later this month with just over 4,000 square feet, an extra 1,000 square feet than its original space. “The new location will now give us more space for book club meetings, poetry readings, book signings and workshops, as we will now have a mezzanine where groups can congregate away from the hustle and bustle of retail stores”, Owner of € Georgia Court shares. “Before, we had limited workshops, except those that have been online for a few years, because there was not enough space to hold them. Now we have that space and more. The new location will also help future-proof the bookstore, Court said. “I’ve been looking for a suitable site for a few years and I’m thrilled to be at The Mark, which I believe will be the coolest condo building in the area.”

Buying a space, rather than renting it, gives Court greater control to ensure the existence and evolution of its first downtown retail space dedicated to not-so-dying art. . storytelling and printed reading.