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Petaluma’s ‘profiling’ case gets national attention with Elle magazine article


The viral video of an Instagram influencer who made false allegations against a local Latino couple is attracting new national attention, as Elle magazine this week broke the story, including the false reporting accusations Sonoma’s mother , Katie Sorensen, is now facing the aftermath of the episode.

Published on April 4 and titled “The Karen Who Cried Kidnapping”, the Elle magazine article chronicles Sadie and Eddie Martinez’s fateful trip to Michael’s craft store in December 2020, and the fallout from the viral videos tipped off. of Sorensen’s breath accusing the couple of stalking her with the intention of kidnapping her children.

Sorensen, who faces three misdemeanor charges for making false reports to police, will appear in court on May 19. She hasn’t returned many requests for comment since being charged, and she hasn’t returned Elle Magazine’s attempts to contact her, according to the publication. .

For Sadie Martinez, the new national spotlight is welcome given that Sorensen’s early videos were viewed 4.5 million times before being deleted from Instagram.

“Any attention to what actually happened, to me, is good attention,” Martinez said in a phone interview Tuesday. “I was really excited, actually.”

Martinez said that since the story was published, she had received a huge outpouring of support, with many telling her they were proud of the family for continuing to draw attention to the false allegations that propelled the Martinezes under the international spotlight against their will.

Martinez said she felt more positive about the case, especially after a Sonoma County Superior Court judge rejected Sorensen’s attempts to have the charges dismissed or reduced. Martinez and her husband will be in court on May 19, and she said she hopes for closure.

“I’m excited to see this and move on,” she said. “But, until there’s some accountability, mentally I can’t.”

Asked if she sees success in raising awareness of the truth in her case, Martinez said the extra attention the Elle magazine article has garnered is no substitute for justice.

“In some ways, I guess the world understands what’s really going on,” Martinez said. “But I don’t think it’s a victory if she’s found not guilty.”

Tyler Silvy is editor of the Petaluma Argus-Courier. Reach him at [email protected], 707-776-8458, or @tylersilvy on Twitter.