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Michael Vicente launches Leaders Magazine, an online magazine for business leaders


Michael Vicente, a technology entrepreneur, announced the launch of a new online magazine called Leaders Magazine. The magazine is distributed online and will share leadership stories, blogs and advice from businesses and global leaders. It also features leaders in technology, education, healthcare, and nonprofits.

Leaders Magazine aims to inspire new leaders by providing inspirational advice, insights, leadership stories and experiences from business leaders around the world. A digital issue of the magazine will be published in the first quarter of 2023. It is expected to feature inspirational leadership stories from the “Top 100 Most Influential Leaders to Follow of the Year”. It has been confirmed that the magazine will be free for all readers.

“Our mission at Leaders Magazine is to inspire more young professionals to become leaders,” said Michael Vicente, Founder/Publisher of Leaders Magazine, “by providing inspiring leadership stories, a blog and experiences from world leaders entire”.

Visit LeadersMagazine.com to read recent company publications. The Leaders Magazine website also shares leadership and leadership posts, webinars, white papers, e-books and infographics, blogs, and videos.

Leaders Magazine will not only follow the lives of prominent industry leaders. The magazine will also feature inspirational people who are successful in their own field and put them in the spotlight. This will ensure that these up-and-coming leaders have a platform to share their stories, experiences, ideas and goals. Additionally, it is expected to inspire the next generation of leaders and positively impact their organization and community.

About Leaders Magazine

Leaders Magazine is a leading online magazine for business leaders and future leaders. They publish leadership stories, blogs, books, videos, and strategies that feature leadership challenges and success stories.

Simply put, Leaders Magazine was founded to provide support for young leaders, entrepreneurs and executives.

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About Michael Vicente

Michael Vicente is a technology entrepreneur or techpreneur as he is affectionately known in the business world. He is the owner of Frosteam Digital, a digital strategy agency that provides innovative technology solutions to achieve digital business goals through digital transformation strategies.

The ambitious nature of Michael Vicente epitomizes the stubbornness of most millennials. His implications in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship have put him on the path to becoming one of the inspiring tech entrepreneurs under 30.

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