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Manufacturing Outlook MHI CMO Carol Miller Pre-MODEX Magazine Profiles


Industry journalist TR Cutler recently interviewed Carol Miller, MHI’s Director of Marketing, about material handling trends, the impact of COVID on the industry, and the upcoming MODEX 2022 event in Atlanta March 28-31. Read the full article in the March issue of Manufacturing prospects.

Miller has over 29 years of marketing and communications experience in the material handling industry. She leads marketing outreach for MHI, including its MODEX and ProMat events.

Miller shared: “When I joined MHI material handling was seen as a more siled function within the four walls of the facility and MHI reflected that. Most of our members didn’t really see their place in the big supply chain. What surprised me the most was how this has changed, and materials handling is now seen as the real driver of the supply chain ecosystem and how all movement and handling of materials and products – whether inside or outside the four walls of a facility – is part of a highly interdependent supply chain ecosystem at every link in the chain.

“The pandemic has changed so much for our industry. Supply chain has always been an ever-changing and evolving industry, but now that change has become more revolutionary due to the disruptions caused by the pandemic. As enterprises seek solutions to mitigate these disruptions and risks, MHI members are leading the way in this change with solutions that make operations faster and more accurate, transparent and agile,” added Miller.

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