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Lush leaves social; look at the magazine



November 26, 2021, LONDON, United Kingdom

Are brands abandoning social media? Last week, Lush Cosmetics announced the deactivation of its Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat accounts in an effort to address the mental health challenges of its consumers, according to the company. This decision will affect the 48 countries where the retailer operates. Lush sells skin, hair and bath care products, primarily aimed at a younger female audience.

The brand had tried in 2019 to wean itself from social networks but found it too difficult with the rise of COVID-19. He says he is redoubling his efforts to “protect customers from the damage and manipulation they may suffer when trying to connect with the brand on social media.”

Instead, Lush will focus on his YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest channel. It will also invest more in events, newsletters, its print magazine, Lush Times and maybe even mailing catalogs.

Other fashion brands are re-examining social media, Vogue says, including Bottega Veneta, which launched a quarterly digital magazine in April. Balenciaga has disappeared from Instagram and the chief designer of Louis Vuitton has also signed.