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Lil Nas X’s First 24 Hours Back Online Was A Delight


Lil Nas X’s tweets are always a treat, but the one he posted Wednesday at 12:51 p.m. was on another level, mostly because it signaled that after a nearly four-month absence from social media, the 22-year-old rapper is finally back online. “Why are people surprised that I’ve been away for so long?” he asked. wrotereferencing her baby’s birth journey (aka her album Montero). “Have you really never heard of maternity leave?” Echoing the many fans who jumped into responses, he later posted, “I’m so happy to be back on the internet. I missed so much. Freshly reconnected with his supporters, he then came clean: “ok, I’ll be honest, I didn’t post online because I have to bbl.”

So where has Lil Nas X been all this time? Trying out new hairstyles and, more importantly, working on a new “almost done” album. According to the two screenshots he posted, subtitle “Which one do you all want first?”, two releases are imminent: “Down Souf Hoes” with Saucy Santana, which is “a strip club anthem”, and “Late to the Party” with Youngboy, which is for the streets. As for who else will make an appearance on the album, Lil Nas X is currently taking suggestions for “Lean on My Body,” which he previewed in the video below. (This n It’s not that there was any doubt, but it’s already a bop.) Meanwhile, he delightfully retweeted and responded to his fans.

Meanwhile, Lil Nas X’s TikTok account has shown signs of life for the first since December 8, 2021:

Which brings us to perhaps Lil Nas X’s best post in the past 24 or so hours: another look at “Lean on My Body,” this time in the form of a video of the shirtless rapper mimicking playing the keyboard while apparently walking on a treadmill. .