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Lidl Switzerland launches the Nutri-Score for private label products


Lidl Switzerland introduced Nutri-Score the labeling of certain private label products to help consumers make more informed purchases and choose healthier food options.

Voluntary labeling indicates the nutritional balance of a product’s composition on a scale from A to E, and has been widely used in France since its introduction in 2017.

In Switzerland, the Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (USAV) ​​came out in favor of Nutri-Score in 2019.

Today, Lidl Switzerland has rolled out the label for its own brands “Harvest Basket” and “Trattoria Alfredo”, with the intention of extending it to other product lines.

Long term commitment

The latest initiative is part of the retailer’s long-term commitment to healthy eating. This includes signing the “Milan Declaration” and following it with the aim of reducing the sugar content of yoghurts and breakfast cereals.

In the yoghurt segment in particular, Lidl has already made significant progress, reducing added sugars in 42 of the 43 Swiss yoghurts.

At the beginning of 2021, Lidl Switzerland developed a simple labeling system in cooperation with the Swiss Animal Protection PSA for all fresh pork, poultry and beef/veal products.

It now plans to roll out the same labeling system for shell eggs from early 2022.

Lidl Switzerland operates 160 stores, 12 of which will open in 2021, mainly in city centers and major cities.

In September 2021, Dutch retailer Plus launched a new pilot project to introduce the Nutri-Score labeling system to 3,000 private label SKUs.

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