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Library magazines go digital in 2022 | News, Sports, Jobs


At the start of the new year, patrons of the James V. Brown Library will have access to more than 3,700 digital magazine titles available through the Overdrive platform, it was announced at the board meeting of library administration.

“We will deploy it on January 2”, Toby Schwartzman, director of public services for the library, told the board.

Although the service is free to the borrower, the library pays a subscription of $ 5,000 for access to magazines, which Barbara McGary, executive director of the library, says is paid for through library assistance. county coordination.

County coordination assistance is available for library systems that receive funds from local county governments.

Schwartzman said the shift to the online service was driven in part by many magazines ditching printing and switching to digital offerings for their publications.

He also noted that during COVID restrictions periodicals could not be borrowed, so the library allowed some magazine subscriptions to expire. Some magazines do not have digital editions and will always be available in print format.

“Many of those that we received are in there” Schwartzman said of the service.

Schwartman demonstrated the ease of access to the new service for board members at their Zoom meeting on Thursday.

When users log into the same site that offers eBooks and electronic audio files on the library website, they see a carousel that displays featured magazine titles. Customers can also search for specific titles and borrow the current issue of a magazine. Issues dating back two years will also be available.

Up to 10 magazines can be borrowed at a time, and customers can keep them for up to 21 days. During this time, the borrower can choose to return some or all of the magazines and get more.

Access to magazines is instant and multiple people can borrow the same title at the same time.

“There is an interesting feature for e-readers” said Schwartzman.“You can get an item reformatted for an e-reader or a tablet. “

“You can adjust the text size and read in night mode”, he added.

A board member noted an added benefit of the service.

“It saves the landfill” she said.

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