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Jehovah’s Witnesses Launch Spiritual Campaign with Special Magazine Edition | Island life



Jehovah’s Witnesses embark on a special campaign, emphasizing the Bible’s promise for a better world.

According to a released statement, the organization will distribute a special edition of The Watchtower magazine with the cover series “A Better World Is At Hand”. More than 36 million printed copies of the magazine are expected to be distributed in 230 languages ​​to communities around the world.

A digital publication is also available in nearly 400 languages, according to the release.

“People yearn to hear a positive message, and this is the best news possible,” said Robert Hendriks, US spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “A better world is not just a dream, it is inevitable. In fact, it is the central theme of the whole Bible.

The magazine’s articles address the age-old question: “Will this world end?” “

The response reveals the Bible’s clear message: Earth is here forever and will never end, the statement said. The magazine also explains the “mighty truth that wickedness will soon be gone,” and noted in Psalm 37:10, which promises that “the wicked” will be no more.

This positive message has been the hope of millions of people around the world who have prayed for ‘the Kingdom of God to come,’ a familiar refrain to many Christians taught by Jesus in what some call the Lord’s Prayer, according to the communicated.

Tia Springer, mother of four, explained how she changed her life after seeking spirituality. For years, the statement said, she struggled to find meaning in her life and “tried to find happiness through dancing, then moved on to reading books and finally decided to seek answers through dance. spirituality “.

The results left her disheartened, but thanks to Bible study and prayer her life took a dramatic turn, the statement said.

“What I learned has helped me maintain a stable mind and take care of my children. I know there is a better life for the future, there is a better life ahead of us, ”said Springer. “Knowing this gives new meaning to life. “

The Watchtower has conveyed a similar message about the Kingdom of God for over 100 years and remains the most translated and distributed magazine in the world. The second edition of 2021 is available for free online at jw.org, where anyone can also request a free printed copy by scrolling down the home page to “Request a visit”.

For more information, please call 718-560-5600.