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Returning to Las Vegas from January 5-8 next year, CES 2022 will be held as an in-person show with a digital presence by its side using Web Summit as a digital platform provider.

With various restrictions still in place around the world and uncertainty in many countries as to what the next winter months will bring, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has announced that it will revert to an in-person exhibition while maintaining its digital presence in May. This year.

Summit Engine, Web Summit’s event operating system, is a cloud-based platform designed to support events with both in-person and digital audiences.

“For CES 2022, we were looking for a platform that would benefit both in-person and digital attendees,” said Jean Foster, senior vice president of marketing and communications at CTA. “Working with an innovative and unique company like Web Summit allows CES, once again, to reinvent the way we come together and collaborate as an industry. “

The hybrid format will allow exhibitors and attendees from around the world to connect and experience the latest product launches and engaging content, safely and comfortably.

In-person attendees will use the Summit Engine to plan their CES program and connect with other attendees. Digital audiences will have the opportunity to share the excitement of the event in person by accessing live speeches, viewing select conference sessions, and connecting with exhibitors and other attendees.

Paddy Cosgrave, Co-Founder and CEO of Web Summit, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen by CTA as the digital platform provider for CES 2022, and we understand the demands of complex, large events. scale like these.

“We quietly built our software, Summit Engine, for almost a decade to augment our physical events, so moving them fully online during the pandemic was easy for us.”

Exhibitors with a physical presence can extend their reach to digital CES attendees through Summit Engine to showcase their product launches and thought leadership. For all attendees, networking and on-demand content will be available until the end of January.

Registration to attend CES 2022 will open in December.