GRACEY shares new ‘Internet’ track | New


With her new EP ‘Fragile’ which arrives on October 15th, GRACEY gives us a taste of what to expect, by sharing a new track ‘Internet’.

“The Internet” is a very difficult time in my life where I experienced a great deal of hate online as I was just starting my career as an artist, ”she explains. “Getting into the process of writing and working on it was really cathartic, and tackling what made me feel broken and vulnerable head on ended up making me a lot stronger. Hopefully, this will resonate and do the same for others, as unfortunately hate online is becoming more and more common for everyone as social media continues to grow.

Speaking of the EP, she adds, “This EP is a collection of songs I wrote during the first (and most fragile) stage of my recent breakup. With some of my rawest thoughts and feelings, it literally feels like a four song journal entry at this point. I can’t lie, putting my emotions in the world like that makes me nervous, but I know when you’re scared to release something it’s good because it means it’s coming from a real place that people will connect. And when it all comes down, that’s really what it is for me.

“I find there is a lot of pressure to be ‘happier’ after the breakup, almost as a way to prove to yourself that you’re better off without them, so I wanted to play on the idea of ​​the EP through the upbeat synth. directed productions, which juxtaposes sad and heartbreaking lyrics, with artists like Robyn being a huge influence. One of the main things I realized while writing this EP is that to be vulnerable is to be fucking “courage. It finally means allowing yourself to feel and heal properly. To be fragile is to be strong. I am really proud of this work and I am excited for this next leg of my journey.”

See “Internet” below.

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