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Game Over for basic online learning

Game Over for basic online learning

Employees want more than e-learning: they want gamification.

According to the Gamelearn report, two-thirds of companies have increased their investments in e-learning, but employees give these programs a net promoter score of -29. Contradictions of corporate training 2022. The annual report of the game-based learning platform for corporate training surveyed more than 1,000 human resources and training professionals and compared their opinions with those of employees.


Survey respondents first rated a single question between 0 (not at all likely) and 10 (extremely likely). Based on their response, respondents fall into three categories: Promoters, who are enthusiastic users who score a 9 or 10; passive, or generally satisfied users who score 7 or 8; or detractors, disgruntled users who score 0-6. Detractors are likely to turn others away from a product. To calculate the Net Promoter Score, researchers subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

“Employees’ harsh assessment of their companies’ digital training shows that, despite spending growth, expectations are still not being met,” the report said. The study found that most organizations continue to deliver the majority of their training online, whether developed in-house or outsourced, as a simple text or video option. Meanwhile, workers who receive these types of online learning said they would prefer more interactive and immersive options.

The report notes that talent development professionals agreed with employees that game dynamics and simulations better engage learners, but they also said they are not yet able to adapt their strategies to incorporate these. elements in learning programs.

Two out of three employees said they wanted more real-life simulations. However, few companies currently offer virtual or augmented reality learning experiences. And while 41% of employees want to see more gamification techniques applied to the learning they receive, only a fifth of companies said they incorporate game dynamics.

Employees want learning content similar to consumer video games: quality content with engaging gamification elements or immediate simulation and feedback. Gamelearn says the formula typically achieves a net promoter score of 45, a far cry from the -29 employees who delivered traditional e-learning courses.

The report notes that even as organizations invest more in digital learning, “there is still a need to get the right online formats and methodologies to engage employees.”