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DNA Couture – SRQist :: Article from SRQ magazine by Brittany Mattie



From the podium to the roundabout, Rahelia dresses the modern woman with a long haute couture on the floor.

When you’ve been in the fashion and makeup industry for over 30 years, like Rachel Durrani, you’ll likely be working closely with celebrities, finding yourself at photoshoots with creative figures such as Andy Warhol, and sitting next to the most popular trendsetters and buyers from Saks and Bergdorf Goodman at Fashion New York Week. Durrani has worked alongside the best of them, making a name for himself with his upscale boutiques, Rahelia, located on Madison Avenue in New York; in Westchester, NY; and Westport, Connecticut.

Rahelia, 1420 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota, 941-330-1600, raheliacouture.com

Now with a large downtown retail store on Ringling Blvd. roundabout, Rahelia brings SRQ to New York level with prom dress brands you don’t see going in and out of department stores or clothing chains. “I am never influenced or convinced by other buyers. I buy for the real woman, not for the models, ”she says. “It means I watch how the fabric falls, how it moves and feels. I won’t buy it unless I think it will accentuate and flatter all body types and women of all ages. Durrani has established a rolodex of connections since his time in New York City to bring high-fashion designer evening wear to the hanging shelves of his shadow box closets built into the walls of his store. You won’t find your typical David wedding dress at Durrani, nor will she try to sell you a dress for sale. “There is a psychology in fashion design: understanding someone’s needs, personality and lifestyle is important in dressing them for a special occasion and feeling their best,” she says.

Make pomp and glamor with the stylist, buyer and owner of the Rahelia Couture boutique, Rachel Durrani.

With over half a million dollars in inventory, including designers such as Versace, Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab and more, Durrani not only personally finds his clients a suitable number for the gala season, black tie events or weddings, but will style them from head to toe if they are looking to also accessorize with scarves, shoes and jewelry to coordinate. “I get a lot of mother of the bride and groom customers desperate to find a dress that doesn’t look ugly or ‘old’,” she says. “No woman wants to feel uncomfortable at her son’s wedding; to Rahelia, they won’t have to.