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Digital Energy Journal | Nov-Dec 2021


Nov-Dec 2021

November 2021


Is the industry doing enough to decarbonize? – Discussion on offshore Europe with senior executives from BP, Equinor and Harbor Energy, the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers, the UK Committee on Climate Change and the International Capital Market Association

Technologies at the service of the energy transition – DNV hosted a panel with high level speakers from BP, Equinor, JP Morgan and Corvus Energy


Aker BP’s approach to digital technology – Karl Johnny Hersvik, CEO of oil and gas operator Aker BP, gave a comprehensive overview

Reducing emissions through digital technologies – senior executives from Wintershall Dea, Aker BP and Cognizant shared their insights

Is “digital twin” still a useful term? – Is it time to replace it with a term like “industrial software”, since so many different types of software are called “digital twin” these days?

Make data easier to use for factory workers – A panel from Aarbakke, Forrester and VISMA discusses

How Neptune Energy benefits from digitization – Kaveh Pourteymour, CIO of Neptune Energy, interviewed by John Markus Lervik, CEO of Cognite

Where is digitization going now – Cognite CEO Panel – Aker ASA, Statnett, Hafslund Eco and Cognizant discuss where digitalization is going now

The decarbonization strategies of Wintershall Dea and Lundin – senior executives chat with Cognite CEO John Markus Lervik

Views from BP Senior Vice President Ahmed Hashmi– carbon digital twins, breaking down silos, attracting talent, technology portfolio and data standards


Visualization of engineering data on bp’s Mad Dog 2 – how a data visualization and analysis system for process engineering data was implemented

Could the entire industry transact on a single network? – Efforts are underway to develop an “Energy Supply Chain Network” by bringing together several purchasing/supplier networks

Use of digital twins with Coriolis counters in multiphase flow – a way to measure multiphase flow even with gas fractions of 25%. By Aramco Overseas

An accountant’s perspective on oil and gas decarbonization – from Reid Morrison, Global Energy Advisory Leader, Net Zero and ESG, and Global Client Partner, PWC

Secure mission – Top 8 OT Cybersecurity Best Practices

PipelineSentry – create digital twins of pipelines – built using cloud computing and computer game engine technology

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