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Digital Energy Journal | March-April 2022


March-April 2022

April 2022


  • UK energy sector is ‘the UK’s number one cyber target’ – “X Force Threat Intelligence Index” from IBM Security
  • Your posture in the face of cyber-risk and operational efficiency – two approaches to understanding and assessing your cybersecurity capability


  • Said Al-Mubarak, president of the technical section of the SPE Digital Energy, on what “intelligence” means in digital, his new company of 3D parts and his book, advice for young graduates
  • Why Bunduq, an oil and gas operator in the UAEchanged its data storage architecture
  • The expertise to organize subsurface/well data – initiatives like OSDU can help, but only when you have people with the right technical expertise, says E&P Consulting


  • Count the emissions of what we buy – Oil and gas companies are getting used to counting direct emissions from their operations, such as fuel consumption, flaring and fugitive emissions. But they are also indirectly responsible for many emissions produced by the manufacture of the goods and services they consume. How to manage this data?

  • Promoting decarbonization in maritime transport by tanker – maritime transport by tankers is a major source of emissions in the oil and gas supply chain. But oil and gas companies, as ship charterers (leasers), have only indirect control

  • New O&G Sustainability Reporting Standard of the GRI


  • ROCSOLE – use electric fields to “see” inside tankspipelines and separators, using electrical tomography.
  • Low code – If you need customize and integrate enterprise software, it may be easier to do this using low-code tools, rather than trying to integrate it directly yourself. Mendix explained how it can work
  • Ecopetrol”water intelligence and management” management system on AWS
  • Equinor SLIMM – index of spatial data for files including videosso you can easily find the file that relates to a certain location
  • Oil companies oil tanker accident database – could be useful to understand the causes of accidents, but more submissions are needed

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