Credit spiral – how to borrow safely before Christmas

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When I watch TV, I see the world accelerate. Already before the Day of the Dead television commercials tempting with Christmas offers began to appear.

Telephones, televisions, gourmet food, etc. are traps waiting for those who make hasty decisions first and then think.
Often, these decisions are made under the influence of other people, who sometimes give up just to spend money on something that will not be needed later.

I once had a case that a woman I knew earlier came to me


She wanted to take another loan. It was during the holiday season. Why do you need another loan ? I’m going on vacation in a few days and want to buy a camera. But why do you ask the camera? for one trip. And you know, I was just walking down the street, I met a friend, and we started talking. When I said I was going to the sea, she asked if I had a camera. So I said no.

Then a friend said: well, you go without a camera. And I decided to buy. And she took another loan, buying a toy, which certainly after returning from vacation was hidden in the closet, for a long time. I remembered it right now, before Christmas, to warn against spending hard-earned money. Perhaps this holiday time will prompt a change in attitude. Instead of spending, better to postpone the investment.

Holidays last only a few days, in a few moments the ads will tempt us with Easter holidays over and over again. But we don’t have to listen to them.

Let’s finally listen to our inner voice that says – stop spending


Loans are for people. But they have it to pay them back, that the holidays will end and the debt will follow us for many months. I suggest taking a payday loan only when the loan company gives it first without costs and that it can be repaid without any extension.

Let’s have a really nice holiday. You don’t have to be richly set tables with food that we then throw away. It is better to spend this time in a different way, giving the body more movement, thereby contributing to the improvement of well-being and health. By the way, we will take care of your financial health.