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Coastal Blues – Nest :: SRQ Magazine Article by Britt Mattie



Orange Moon Interiors brings a palette of blues to a renovated Longboat Key in its marine sanctuary.

Coastal elegance shines through this oceanfront Longboat Key condo with custom pieces like warm walnut counters, white mirrored and paneled walls, built-in glass shelves, ombre-colored fan tiling and light fixture coral inspired pendant. “A lot of times people tear off old and dated items during a renovation, but I’m really happy that we’ve given new life to things like the mirrored wall because it reflects the water and the light coming from it beautifully. from the beach, ”says Kelly Kaiser. , the owner and lead designer of Orange Moon Interiors.


The owner, for this complete interior renovation project, called on Kaiser to bring to life a very specific, “creative and fun” vision. And in a world full of minimalist, neutral design spaces that are trendy today, this client wanted color. “She didn’t let trends define the look of her home, instead she let her own happiness guide her design decisions,” says Kaiser. “She feels happy inside the color and she wanted this space to be her happy place.” A seascape color palette really brings it home for this Gulfside dwelling while the accessories say “you’re at the beach,” but “with texture, instead of kitsch,” notes Kaiser. As a color expert in her field, it is essential to choose that absolutely perfect shade for a color-loving client, and even more so to find the right shade of blue for those who live by the ocean.

Photo by Jimmy White


Landing in shades of blue unique for this particular client, a deep slate grass canvas wallpaper envelops the master suite bedroom with a texture that mimics waves while the aqua-azure and turquoise mosaic tiling of the bathroom suggests fish or mermaid scales. “Ironically, early in the design process, the client really wanted to avoid aqua,” Kaiser shares, “but as the design evolved, we both discovered that when aqua was mixed with it. space, she really loved it. This blend of blues brings a richness that makes this house so comfortable it wraps you like a warm beach towel.

Photo by Jimmy White


Source: Orange Moon Interiors, PO Box 14029, Bradenton, orangemooninteriors.com