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Chelsea Green in talks with Adultery magazine for digital content


Chelsea Green was released from WWE in April 2021, which was just the start of a string of releases, throughout the year. It was a blessing in disguise for the Canadian wrestler who literally sat in the back of WWE NXT despite being able to release new stuff and having a huge fan following on social media.

For those unaware, Chelsea Green is a bikini specialist in her own right who has the least inhibitions with her body. She’s already had a few fun photoshoots on behalf of Calendar Gurls Canada to give her fans a swimsuit calendar. A few weeks ago, her cover photo for the magazine in an unzipped leather jacket and black underwear went viral on Twitter and Instagram.

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In a recent episode of her Podcast “Very jealousy”, Chelsea Green has revealed that she is in talks with an outlet so that her podcast can grow further. She also said she was about to sign a deal with Playboy magazine for digital content. In the meantime, she’s warning her fans not to get too excited as it won’t be a full photoshoot,

“I’m in talks with Playboy again for some fun stuff. So we kind of progressed our conversations to a bit more serious stuff. Now, this is not a photo shoot. So don’t get too excited. But that’s digital stuff. It’s really fun. I’m so excited for this.

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Chelsea Green wants to achieve a lot after leaving WWE

Following her release from WWE, Chelsea Green has been very open about her to-do list and one of her desires is to bond with Playboy and make a big difference. She previously gave auditions for Adultery magazine and shared her experiences. However, she didn’t make it to the final cut, of course.

Ex-WWE NXT Star In Talks With Adultery Magazine For Digital Content 2

We’re guessing Chelsea Green won’t have much trouble getting into a Playboy shoot given that she’s no longer with WWE and therefore won’t have to take any clearance to do so. The popular adult magazine is pretty picky and their last pro wrestling star was Maria Kanellis nine years ago.

Chelsea Green fans will let Playboy know their wishes on social media once and hopefully the former NXT superstar can get his wish, after all. For now, she just has to keep the project a secret, but as soon as something happens, the former Hot Mess has promised to let her fans know.