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Blackhill Club Community Garden Joins Love School & Green Spaces Online Classes – Consett Magazine


After seven years of growth in Consett, Blackhill Club Community Garden welcomes a major change.

Focused on growing edible and beneficial plants on previously unused land, the garden is a productive and social space that uses natural systems based on Permaculture™ design and “no dig” methods, made with elbow grease of the local community.

After the original founding organization ALT Group had to adapt post covid they decided to end the community benefit society and transfer the management of these spaces into new hands.

Love School is a new online space that offers a range of courses taught by experts who share their knowledge and skills in natural and holistic health and wellness. As part of the school space, the Blackhill Club Community Garden and Fanny Bush Forest Garden in Chopwell have been taken over by Love School Green Space!

Green Space is a new online community that shares content celebrating nature, food culture, ecological issues, and self-sufficiency skills. As part of their philosophy of sharing knowledge and skills for the improvement of everyday health and well-being, Green spaces is now launching a series of online courses using the growth spaces.

The first series is called Back to Basics sharing, easy-to-follow, low-cost lessons with advice, knowledge and skills. Classes include topics ranging from growing food, cooking at home, using herbs, designing natural gardens, and more.

The online community and classes are accessible to everyone, and sales support the development and maintenance of these real-world garden spaces. Community members are invited to participate in live events or social activities in the gardens and learn first-hand through regular sessions or specialized workshops.

Terri Lee-shield, Love School hostess and space designer, says, “I am delighted that we have been able to continue the good work that our community has done and continue to develop these garden spaces. This new way of sharing knowledge makes learning accessible to all and allows us to fund projects that might otherwise be overlooked through other funding channels. It’s a great community-driven solution that we’re really excited to be a part of.

Love School Green Spaces opens in September for members with Back to Basic classes also available. Visit www.loveschool.uk/green to join our community and learn more.