Home Magazine article Beyoncé fans take offense at “Glamor Magazine” article listing “Kitty Kat” as one of the worst songs

Beyoncé fans take offense at “Glamor Magazine” article listing “Kitty Kat” as one of the worst songs


“Glamor” writer Candace McDuffie drew Beyhive’s contempt on Twitter for her list of Beyoncé’s worst songs

La Beyhive took Glamorous magazine to the task after the online magazine published a list of articles Beyoncethe best and worst songs to celebrate the artist’s 40th birthday on Saturday.

Charm writer Candace McDuffie has compiled a ranking of the 10 best and 10 worst tracks from Beyoncé’s solo catalog. Despite the ranking, she left a warning at the top of the item saying, “Spoiler: they’re all amazing.”

Among the top three favorites were “Formation”, “Mood 4 Eva” and “Me, Myself & I”. On the flip side, McDuffie’s selection of “Kitty Kat” as the second worst song in Beyoncé’s discography drew contempt from many on social media. Produced and co-written by The Neptunes, “Kitty Kat” appears on Beyoncé’s second album B’Day.

Singer Beyonce, winner of Best Contemporary Urban Album for “Lemonade” and Best Music Video for “Formation”, poses in the press room during the 59th GRAMMY Awards at the STAPLES Center on February 12, 2017 in Los Angeles, California., (Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images)

McDuffie said she took issue with the accompanying music video for the song as well as Beyoncé’s attempt to “channel a feline alter-ego” with her voice.

“The video is equally impressive, with Beyoncé donning a sequined leopard-print bodysuit while riding an oversized black cat,” McDuffie wrote. “An artist taking a creative risk is always appreciated, but unfortunately I think Bey missed the mark with this one.”

Many Beyhive members took to social media to display their distaste for McDuffie’s rating of “Kitty Kat”, so much so that it has become a trending topic on Twitter. Some shouted the praises of the song.

“Kitty Kat is literally one of Beyoncé’s best songs,” a Twitter user with the name mick noted.

“Kitty Kat is without a doubt the best Beyoncé record that has ever existed. Bridge and post-bridge rap alone> “, a passing Internet user Mel smith job.

Others took issue with McDuffie’s opinion of the song.

“Imagine writing in a major publication that Kitty Kat Christ is one of Beyoncé’s worst songs,” digital creator Franc de Fonz said in a post, accompanied by a cartoon of a girl with an incredulous look on her face edited to include a handgun and bullets on a desk.

“I would like to know the age of the Glamor publisher who ranked Kitty Kat Beyoncé’s top 2 worst songs…” another named user Tierra harris said in a tweet which included a photo of the decorated singer.

For the worst song on the list, McDuffie chose “Beautiful Liar”, another B’Day Track. She wrote that song, a duet with Shakira, “Feels cheap and relies too much on each artist’s sexual desirability instead of their vocal abilities”.

Once again, fans took to Twitter to express their disdain.

“Making a list of Bey’s ‘worst’ songs the night before her birthday is very daring, but putting KITTY KAT on that list? Bold and stupid, ”posted a Twitter user named Donovan, which drew another critical response from another account.

“SAND CASTLES ????? SUPERPOWER ?????? BEAUTIFUL LIAR ????? I’m starting to understand why the hive was chasing people off the internet like what? A user with the name Young Padajuan said in a response calling three of McDuffie’s picks in the least favorite list.

“I’m sorry, what ??? they put so many firecrackers in the worst category. that’s slander,” a user with the name olivia noted. “Now excuse me while I listen to kitty kat, suga mama, beautiful liar, school in the life, superpower and sandcastles, ty.”

McDuffie chose a total of three songs, including “Suga Mama,” from the album B’Day, which also celebrated its 15th anniversary on Saturday. The album is a triple platinum hit, making it Beyoncé’s second best-selling album, according to Billboard. He spawned the Top 10 Billboard 100 hit singles “Irreplaceable”, “Deja Vu” and “Beautiful Liar”.

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