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# BestOfThe90s: JET magazine edition – JetMag.com



The 90s marked the beginning and end of a “golden age” which brought excitement, thoughtfulness and a lot of entertainment to our radio speakers and television screens.

The ’90s were cool, creative, and comedic with a smart edge. With shows ranging from The prince of Bel-Air, where comedy was the glue but the issues of absent fathers, distant mothers and class were also discussed, with four women navigating careers, romance and friendship on Living Single, there was a wide range of content and memorable moments.

On the film side, black people were directing and acting in films that told stories from our experience from a historical perspective to the reality of life in the neighborhood.

And the music ! The era of the New Jack Swing, curated by Teddy Riley, made an impact with sounds that hit the club scene heavily; the sensual Toni Braxton has released hits; Quincy Jones has curated some of the most timeless records and introduced us to Canadian singer Tamia; and Puff Daddy, with his Bad Boy clique, were everywhere.

Ah, the memories. JET made sure to capture the flavor of the ’90s with various covers featuring the stars we loved the most. So we went #archivediggin ‘and pulled out these old 90s but some goodies.

# Bestofthe90s, JET style, starts below!