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“All of Us Research Program” ADVERTISEMENT: “BE ONE IN A MILLION”


For several months, the All of Us Research Program has been campaigning to raise awareness through our local black print media and radio stations. Perhaps you saw the colorful vans at various community events and buildings where they promoted this groundbreaking research program.

In 2015, President Barack Obama introduced the “All of Us Research Program” concept as an initiative designed to cross new frontiers in medicine and eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare. He is committed to encouraging genomic / DNA information about patients as a better way to determine the best clinical treatments based on each person’s unique factors. A new medical approach where genetic profiles could determine healthcare decisions, including prescriptions, treatment strategies and personalized treatments for the individual. “Precision medicine” aims to improve health by targeting the exact disease and its uniqueness for each individual.

The “All of Us Research Program”, run by the National Institutes of Health, encourages each of us to “be one in a million.” Collective knowledge, especially among African American and Latin communities, is an essential part of collective knowledge that will ensure better health.

Data on racial trends and positive health outcomes has traditionally shown our Caucasian and Asian American counterparts to be more proactive and generally see a doctor sooner. As a result, our disparity numbers continue to show that we need to be involved in our well-being from the start, as well as knowing more about cultural or historical differences in order for our results to be better.

The Medical College of Wisconsin’s All of Us Research Program ensured that black and Latin communities were informed.

“When you know better, you do better, an apt adage, because this campaign continues to reach communities with information through advertisements, radio spots, interviews with professionals; and questions and answers on why you should get involved. Opportunities to sign up and “Be One In A Million” are still available. Let’s change the medicine for you and our families. Make a gift for yourself and your family, this Christmas, join the “All of Us Research Program”.

Editor Linda Jackson-Cocroft shares her insights in BLACK WOMEN 50+ magazine arriving at your favorite Pick ‘n Save stores, Metro Marts stores, and many beauty salons from December 6, 2021.

Jackson-Cocroft has identified some of the most dynamic women in the clergy who speak about the importance of participating in the “All of Us Research Program”, “Be One In A Million” for precision medicine.

Follow Bishop Monica Parchia-Price and Pastor Teresa Thomas-Boyd, featured in the November-December issue of BLACK WOMEN 50+ MAGAZINE, as they share their reasons for using their pulpit and liturgical platforms to encourage you to join “All of Us Research Program” as an exceptional health, wellness and spirituality resource for your health and that of your future generations. These community opinion leaders understand that good health takes mind, body and soul, and they instinctively seek well-being as a gift to be cherished and protected.

BLACK WOMEN 50+ MAGAZINE, will be arriving at your favorite Pick ‘n Save stores, many beauty stores, as well as your Milwaukee Community Journal, King Drive and WNOV 860’s Capitol Drive, right after the Thanksgiving holidays. Get your FREE issue, read and learn more about the “Research Agenda for All of Us” and how it will benefit you and all of us for years to come.

Thanks to program director Karen Dotson of the Medical College of Wisconsin and all the staff of the All of Us Research Program, black and Latin communities can be sure of realizing the vision of Obama who declared the first that good health is a right for all. citizen. He worked to ensure that the barriers that often root the results of disparities were removed in the “All of Us Research Program” strategy of precision medicine for all of us.

READ… THINK… SIGN UP…. JOIN “ALL OF US”… .See announcement below.