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We’ve been fans of Hoff & Pepper when they debuted their hot sauce products at the Market last year.  (Yes, I have an extra bottle safely tucked away at my house for emergencies.)  For that reason, we love this film about Aaron & Michelle Hoffman’s journey from hot pepper fanatics to entrepreneurs.

“As a consummate at-home chef, I live for flavor. One of the first things I discovered was that fresh chiles and spices create a magical concoction of flavor that complements almost any dish imaginable,” says Hoff Sauce founder and flavormaster Aaron Hoffman. “So I worked to hone the most balanced combination of all natural ingredients with an emphasis on flavor instead of heat in order to achieve the perfect everyday hot sauce.”

Unlike most mass-produced, off-the-shelf hot sauces that use fermented chiles, the recipe of Hoffman’s hand made batches is simple. Three kinds of Chiles – Red Jalapeño, Habanero and Chipotle – unfermented – packed with vinegar, salt, granulated garlic and a lot of passion.

“I’ve found that fermented hot sauces have a one note flavor,” says Hoffman. “I wanted something that was even tempered but at the same time had a lot of zing to it and a good punch of chile flavor.”

All of the chiles are cut and grinded by hand, the sauce is bottled by hand and even the labels are letterpress printed and applied by hand, making Hoff Sauce a truly artisanal, handmade product – from start to finish.

“It started off as something we made in small batches at home and custom bottled as a homemade gift for friends and family at Christmas,” says Michelle “Pepper” Hoffman, Hoff Sauce cofounder. “Then after a couple of months they started asking when they could get more Hoff Sauce and it has just exploded from there.”

You can learn more about Hoff & Pepper at hoffandpepper.com

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