//Practical Design: Garbee Architecture is off and running

Practical Design: Garbee Architecture is off and running

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When Matt Bentley, general manager of Bendabout Properties looked for an architect who could do a renovation on a hunting and fishing cabin near the polo fields, he approached Chattanooga architect Ed Garbee.

“I think they wanted someone who would listen to them and simply do what they wanted,” Garbee says.

Bendabout Properties bought the old cabin and had it moved onto the farm. Garbee speculates it was built in the early 1800s and it was said to have been used as a stagecoach stop. Reassembled and renovated to include a large, modern kitchen and rustic great room, it has been a popular place to entertain guests for hunting or fishing excursions. But it was limited in size. Garbee’s design added four large bedrooms and a breezeway adjacent to the main cabin.

Cabin Interior“Ed’s design blended well with the overall look of the cabin and its surroundings,” says Bentley. “The addition needed to fit the rustic quality of the structure.” Garbee was referred to Bentley by by a Dunaway Hunting and Fishing Club resident after designing a garage addition for the Dunaway home.

Garbee is a member of the American Institute of Architects an organization dedicated to enhancing the built environment. “From designing the next generation of energy-saving buildings to making communities healthier and more vibrant, good design by thoughtful architects can turn dreams and aspirations into reality,” says Garbee.

He also writes a column for the Hamilton County Herald called the Paper Napkin Series, complete with sketches and notes to complement topics like water drainage, energy efficient materials and sustainable design solutions. He is currently working on a residential project on nearby Fredonia Mountain. Garbee says correct siting of a house on its lot or acreage is key to the success of the project. “A little extra planning pays off in the in the long run,” he adds.

Ed GarbeeBefore starting his own architectural firm five years ago, Garbee had been an architect for 29 years in other firms. Now, he says he finds satisfaction in owning his own firm. “It is much more interesting to work directly with the client,” he says. “Finding solutions for their particular needs is creative and rewarding.”

Garbee is a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Architecture in Knoxville. His wife Lisa worked for many years for Alexian Brothers. Their son Ethan is a rising senior and an eagle scout with Chattanooga Troop 116.

“Communities need thoughtful design solutions,” says Garbee. “My goal is to provide a personal design solution to each client that enhances their property and the community.”

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