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Chattanooga Magazine is proud to announce its affiliation with the World Food Championships (WFC), starting in 2018. Representing “Team Tennessee”, Chattanooga Magazine will continue its work with chefs and culinary experts— broadening its interests to the entire state—who aim to compete in the WFC event.  Organizer of Chattanooga Restaurant Week and sponsors of Chattanooga Market, the culinary landscape has been a staple for the 28 year old city magazine.

“Our relationships with local chefs and the ability to hold numerous large-scale culinary events—along with the Chattanooga Market—has made Chattanooga Magazine the expert in the culinary scene here in Chattanooga. And now, we will be furthering our partnerships to include food-centric people and organizations from the entire state of Tennessee,” says Melissa Siragusa, managing editor of the magazine.

Chef Rebecca Barron from St. John’s Restaurant in Chattanooga

The World Food Championships is the largest competition in Food Sport, where grand champions of previous events convene for a chance at winning the ultimate food crown and a share of hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. The World Food Championships is also the springboard for many up and coming culinary stars and home cooks as they seek TV fame through many well-known food shows and acting opportunities.

Since its debut in 2012, WFC has given birth to 30 TV food stars, awarded more than $1.5 million in prize money, garnered more than 5.7 billion media impressions, and connected 150+ food brands with food fans, food bloggers, and food media. In short, it has given birth to “Food Sport” by providing a level playing field, a fair judging system, a creative culinary fest, and a process that allows the culinary elite to show their chops and earn the respect they deserve.

Mike McCloud, president and CEO of World Food Championships —”This is an exciting development for WFC, as we bring on a new strategic partner to identify and highlight the incredible culinary talent in Chattanooga. By joining forces with Chattanooga Magazine, we know that the next few years will see the development of some extraordinary Food Champ challenges and programs, all designed to identify and elevate the great culinary chefs and cooks throughout the great state of Tennessee.”

Chef Dao Le composes his final dish in the WFC 2017.

And with this new partnership, Chattanooga Magazine will be awarding Golden Tickets to the WFC—held in November in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Watch the movie from last year’s event where Chattanooga Magazine hosted several local chefs for the Championships in Orange Beach, AL and “like” Chattanooga Magazine on Facebook to follow this year’s events.

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