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Savoring Sandy Springs

The annual Food That Rocks event is the perfect time for a sneak peek at the new City Springs Civic and Cultural Center in Sandy Springs, a two-hour road trip away. A city redesigning itself by creating a new core and working from the inside out, obviously has innovative leadership. ℹ Sandy Springs, Georgia is that place. Snapshots of its evolution are in plain sight. ℹ Abernathy Greenway Linear Park, where sculpture is part of playground and path, is one place to get a feel for this urban community, bordered by 22 miles of the Chattahoochee River on the north and the city of Atlanta on the south. There are over 950 acres of parks offering shoreline activities, light hiking and organized sports. From kayaking, paddle boarding and fishing on the river, to the artistic play experience here in this upscale neighborhood, residents and visitors alike enjoy a high-energy community. [...]

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Buzz Worthy—The West Village

Chattanooga's West Village is the newest dining destination in town. In comparison to other neighborhoods in the Scenic City known for their food offerings, such as the Northshore and Main Street/Southside, West Village is small—about one city block. But from a taste of Italy and south-of-the-border fare to flavors that [...]

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At the Heart of Collegedale

A New City Center for a Community Rich in History Imagination Station is one of the focal points surrounding The Commons, a place where children and families gather year round. When ℹ McKee Foods moved from Chattanooga to the campus of ℹ Southern Adventist University in 1957, the City of [...]

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Space for Children gets a redesign in Highland Park

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Dwell Designed Construction has been renovating numerous buildings on the formerly known Tennessee Temple campus over the past 12+ months. “It has been great to get in these old buildings and turn them into fun, unique spaces where they can be utilized again and revitalize this area of town in [...]

SensaCalm Celebrates 10th Year in Chattanooga

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The new year marks a special milestone for local company, SensaCalm. From humble beginnings in the sewing room of a church, to a thriving company employing 35 people and selling over 3 million in weighted blankets a year, SensaCalm is an incredible American small business success story. “Our success has [...]