///Five Star Food Fight Featured Chef Reed Trimble

Five Star Food Fight Featured Chef Reed Trimble

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Here’s a look at our next featured chef who will be heating things up on market Sunday in hopes of taking home the trophy and, better yet, getting a ticket to participate in the 2018 World Food Championship scheduled of November 2018 in Orange Beach, Ala.

Reed Trimble
Like many up-and-coming chefs, Reed Trimble, sous chef at ℹ St. John’s Restaurant, has risen through the ranks, learning from seasoned chefs as he moved from line cook to sous chef.

“I never attended culinary school, however, I’ve worked at St. John’s for over seven years. Starting under Chef Daniel Lindley and now ℹ Chef Rebecca Barron, so I feel I’ve gained a broad scope of the culinary field in a very short amount of time.”

But Trimble credits a chef de cuisine at St. John’s, Joshua Stafford, for a desire for perfection.

“He expected that,” Trimble notes. “I like that.”
 The FiveStar Food Fight will be Trimble’s first venture into the world of culinary competition, and it’s something to which he looks forward. He’s won just one award in his life, in fact _ the Perfect Attendance Award in grammar school.

So, he says, the competition is “a great way to gauge where I am in my cooking career and also for all of the chefs to showcase their talents to the public,” he says, adding that, though this is a first for him, he’s not nervous, having worked in an open-concept kitchen where diners can see the kitchen in action.

Trimble says that just may give him a slight advantage over his competitors, and says the win is in the details.

“Highlighting the main ingredient is the most important aspect,” he says. “Luckily, in the FiveStar competition, chicken will be featured. I feel that this protein gives us chefs a chance to wow the judges with our creative abilities. To me, the judges will be impressed by us all; it will be in the details to determine who wins this year.”

And if he moves on to compete in Orange Beach?

“The World Food Championships are a great way to showcase my talents to the culinary scene outside of the Chattanooga.”

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