///Five Star Food Fight Featured Chef Burt Brown

Five Star Food Fight Featured Chef Burt Brown

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Here’s a look into our next featured chef who will be heating things up on market Sunday in hopes of taking home the trophy and, better yet, getting a ticket to participate in the 2018 World Food Championship scheduled of November 2018 in Orange Beach, Ala.

Burt Brown
Fried chicken, says Burt Brown, sous chef at ℹ Flying Squirrel Bar, “is a religion for people in the South.” And as it happens, it’s the No. 1 dish at the Southside restaurant, as well as one of his top-favorite foods, if you don’t count the smoked chicken that he loves to prepare at home. “I make a sandwich out of it _ chicken, a nice pickle slaw and finished with Alabama white sauce. It’s pretty amazing. I like to keep things simple.”

And it’s this approach he plans to take at the ℹ FiveStar Food Fight, simple, but outside the box.

“I’ll put a different spin on whatever I make, but keep it relatable for everyone. I love aromatics _ lemon or really any kind of citrus. And a really good craft beer to use as a marinade and to use as a baste while cooking.”

He says he doesn’t have a definite plan of attack for his menu at the competition _ it all depends on what’s available at the market that Sunday. But, he adds, “I do have a few ideas spinning around in my head.”

Brown didn’t go to culinary school. He credits his dad for instilling in him a love of cooking, and gives a nod to the chefs whom he’s worked under for teaching him the trade.

“I used to love watching my dad and helping in the kitchen as a kid,” he says.

In 2016, the team, of which Brown was a member, too part in and won the Judges Cup in Beast Feast, an annual barbecue competition at Chattanooga Market. Going up what Brown calls “the best of the best” was a humbling experience for him, but so is being asked to cook in the FiveStar Food Fight.
“To be chosen to stand with such a talented line up is such an honor and definitely a milestone in my career. I have never been chosen to be in anything like this ever.”

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