///Space for Children gets a redesign in Highland Park

Space for Children gets a redesign in Highland Park

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Dwell Designed Construction has been renovating numerous buildings on the formerly known Tennessee Temple campus over the past 12+ months. “It has been great to get in these old buildings and turn them into fun, unique spaces where they can be utilized again and revitalize this area of town in a creative way,” says Julie Bledsoe, Lead Designer at Dwell Designed Construction.

Their newest project is the completion of the children’s wing in the Redemption to the Nations Campus. Dwell contracted local artist, Kenny Kudulis, to paint over four murals in the children’s space. The renovation features a movie in the park mural including stars that light up and twinkle, so kids can watch a movie on the big screen and feel like they are outside in Coolidge park.

Other renovations on the campus include a state-of-the-art sanctuary, office building improvements—with multiple cafés—and a remodel of the old Tennessee Temple gym. The new sanctuary features over 1,800 theater style chairs, a new stage, flooring and state of the art audio visual equipment.

Visit dwelldesignedconstruction.com for more information.

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