///SensaCalm Celebrates 10th Year in Chattanooga

SensaCalm Celebrates 10th Year in Chattanooga

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The new year marks a special milestone for local company, SensaCalm. From humble beginnings in the sewing room of a church, to a thriving company employing 35 people and selling over 3 million in weighted blankets a year, SensaCalm is an incredible American small business success story.

“Our success has been built on the faith and support of the wonderful people that have been part of it over the years, not to mention the buyers that have put their trust in us, sharing our name with their own friends and family,” says Donna Chambers, Owner/Founder of SensaCalm.

SensaCalm sells weighted blankets for stress, anxiety and insomnia that promote calm and restfulness. They are used by people from all walks of life including individuals with Autism, Anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder, Alzheimer’s and just general every day stress.

As pioneers in the weighted blanket industry, SensaCalm still lovingly crafts each special blanket in the USA with high-quality materials, despite the influx of non-American made copies flooding the market.

Visit sensacalm.com for more.

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