///Siskin Children’s Institute Announces New Director of Early Learning Center

Siskin Children’s Institute Announces New Director of Early Learning Center

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Siskin Children’s Institute announced that Early Learning Center Education Coordinator, Julie Mickel, has been promoted to Center Director. A fourteen-year veteran of the Institute, Julie began her Institute career by providing outreach services to the community through professional and student training. Recently she has taken
the consulting lead with several Tennessee public school systems seeking to bring children with disabilities into an inclusive environment. Additionally, she has presented at numerous conferences both locally and nationally.

“Julie has played a key role in the ongoing success of the Early Learning Center and embodies the Institute’s commitment to excellence. Her innovative thinking and vision will continue to enhance this wonderful and important program.” said John Farrimond, President and CEO of Siskin Children’s Institute. Mickel has a bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education. Prior to coming to the Institute, Julie taught preschool special education in Catoosa County, Georgia. In this new position Julie will help further the program’s ultimate goal, to educate children with and without developmental disabilities in an inclusive learning environment.

For more information about Siskin Children’s Institute visit, siskin.org.

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