Springer Mountain Farms Recognizes Chef Hardin Cowan with Celebrate the Chef Award

///Springer Mountain Farms Recognizes Chef Hardin Cowan with Celebrate the Chef Award

Springer Mountain Farms Recognizes Chef Hardin Cowan with Celebrate the Chef Award

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ℹ️Chef Hardin Cowan of ℹ️ Terra Màe, has received the highest honor bestowed by Georgia-based poultry producer Springer Mountain Farms®, the Celebrate the Chef Award. The award is presented to a select handful of chefs that demonstrate culinary excellence, consistency in the dining experience and a commitment to the use of fresh and local ingredients.

“ℹ️ The Dwell Hotel and restaurant Terra Màe are visual experiences that everyone should treat themselves to in Chattanooga,” said Dale Faunce, Springer Mountain Farms marketing director. “Then, add great food prepared with such attention to detail. It all combines to simply create a special experience. Chef Hardin represents the Dwell Hotel incredibly well, and we’re excited to honor him.”

A native Chattanoogan, Cowan brings years of culinary experience to diners at Terra Màe. After studying at New York City’s International Culinary Center, Cowan worked for almost a decade in the city. Cowan has served as the chef at Terra Màe since 2014, leading the development of every recipe on the current menu, which shifts seasonally. An award-winning chef, his style is known as hip classic French with a Southern flare and a knack for pushing the envelope.

“We are honored to be included with such a prestigious group of restaurants,” said Cowan of being honored with the award. “I’d like to thank Springer Mountain Farms and all of our local partners for sharing us with their customers.”

Terra Màe’s space is designed so that every seat is the best seat in the house, but the Chef’s Table is an experience all its own.

When customers reserve the Chef’s Table, they encounter an evening of the unexpected with a five-course meal curated, prepared and served by Cowan. The menu is unique each time and created to surprise.

“There’s a balance we try to keep with creating our menu. We have something for everybody, but we’re not trying to make such a large menu that there are details falling through the cracks in the dishes,” Cowan noted. “At the very base, I hope they have a great meal. At the most, I hope that truly have this transcendent memorable experience, where we’ve done something that they haven’t seen before – or, we did something so well that’s where they set the bar of what things should be in the future.”

Terra Màe is located inside the recently remodeled The Dwell Hotel in the heart of Chattanooga. As the hotel has changed hands, its face has changed too along with the furniture, décor, curtains and rugs. What has remained are the spirit and character, the charming quirks and creaky floors. The mid-century modern reinterpretation of the space ushers in color and life with a touch of old Hollywood glam to mingle and contrast with its historic allure.

For more information on the Celebrate the Chef Award visit springermountainfarms.com.
For more on Terra Máe visit terramarrestaurant.com.

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