///A New Face on the Southside

A New Face on the Southside

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This story was originally published in the 2014  June/July issue of Chattanooga Magazine.

Southern Surgical Arts professionals Dr. Carey Nease and Dr. Chad Deal.

One of the newest developments in Chattanooga’s revitalization and renaissance has been completed, just a block off West Main Street in the city’s Southside. Formerly a warehouse district, the new structure fits seamlessly and is already garnering praise from its neighbors. “It’s a vote of confidence in the Southside,” says Warren Barnett, “a tastefully designed and well built structure.” Barnett is principal owner of Barnett & Company Investments, located at the corner of 13th and Broad streets. The company’s conference room looks out onto the Southern Surgical Arts building.

Although the area is not known for medical buildings, there is a dentist, an orthodontist, a family practitioner and now a cosmetic surgery center and medical spa–the new home of Southern Surgical Arts.

The field of cosmetic surgery is a growing one, by all accounts. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), celebrating its 50th year in 2014, reports that women continue to be the most likely candidates for facial plastic surgery. They accounted for 81 percent of all surgical and non-surgical procedures in 2013. Although most procedures are done on women over the age of 45, more are being requested by women in their 30s and even younger. The organization, of which Dr. Nease is a member, has sponsored surveys revealing that the use of social media may be a factor in the increase in procedures for this age group.

The AAFPRS says men are most concerned with wrinkles and having a full head of hair. Among male patients the most popular procedures were BOTOX®, liposculpting, hair transplants and rhinoplasty. Locally, there are around a dozen plastic surgeons practicing in Chattanooga. Among them are Dr. Carey Nease and Dr. Chad Deal of Southern Surgical Arts.

Southern Surgical Arts, a facial plastic and cosmetic surgery practice that has been located in Calhoun, Georgia since 2004 is moving into its new facility on Cowart Street. The practice has had an office at One North Shore since 2011 and will transition both locations to the new site this month. The 24,000-square-foot building is an impressive addition to the Southside historic district. The surgery center, clinic and medical spa will occupy the second and part of the third floor of the building. The ground floor and top floor will be leased to new tenants. Each floor has 8,000 square feet.

A detail in progress: Contemporary counters at nursing stations.

The center is energy efficient, using state of the art lighting, natural materials and finishes. Dr.Carey Nease, co-owner of the practice, collaborated with Chattanooga Architect Craig Kronenberg to design the structure. The building contractor was T.U. Parks Construction.

Dr. Nease and his business partner, Dr. Chad Deal, spent several years thinking and planning the interior of the new surgery center. So when it came time to proceed, they knew exactly what they wanted.

“The overall project was designed in a short period of time,” says Kronenberg. “We worked well together. One of the things Dr. Nease wanted was a separate motor court entry for the surgery patients and a main entry for the day-to-day patients.”

The site plan was completed quickly. Kronenberg knew the site well, since he had owned the lot previously. Building materials were chosen that would blend contemporary and urban warehouse esthetics. “We specified slate as opposed to brick because it was beautiful, but also because it was less expensive and lighter weight. It practically glows in in the afternoon sun.” The extremes of mid-south weather have been anticipated. Cypress overhangs shield the sun and pervious pavers retain storm water and allow it to drain naturally. The upper levels have metal sunshades and tinted glass.

Construction of the building took about a year, according to Matthew O’Kelley, vice president of Construction for T.U. Parks and the project manager. “The biggest challenge was that the area [including the lot] had been raised with foundry sand and getting it to Tennessee Department of Environmental Control (T-DEC) standards was complicated,” says O’Kelley. “Other than that, it has been a smooth project.

Details in progress: High intensity surgical lighting

“I think it’s a great looking addition to the Southside,” he adds. O’Kelley says 28-year veteran project superintendent, Michael Dent, who has worked on major projects like the Loveman’s building and Warehouse Row has been overseeing this one from the beginning.

“We’re really excited about it,” says Dr. Nease. “The building brings the two current office locations together and because of the new surgery center, patients will be offered a full range of cosmetic services in a single, state-of-the-art facility,” Aside from convenience there is a practical business aspect.

“We won’t have to split up our equipment and our staff as we’ve had to do for the last three years,” says Dr. Deal. Patients who need procedures requiring special equipment will find their needs are met all in one place.

The medical spa is expected to be a growing attraction. Southern Surgical Arts offers a variety of spa treatments specifically designed for skin conditions like winkles, acne scarring and sun damage, and it offers treatments using high tech therapies such as Mesopen, MiraDry and Microphototherapy as well as traditional spa services like facials and chemical peels.

At the new facility the staff expects to be able to be able to be more accommodating to patients’ desires for surgical scheduling within a highly comfortable environment.

The view from the third floor tenant build-out takes in Lookout Mountain on the Southwest side.

Increased privacy is always a concern. If patients had to go to another surgery center there would be an entirely new staff, and the lack of familiarity can be stressful. “That’s not the mission and vision of our practice,” says Dr. Nease.

Cosmetic surgical procedures and the post-operative care of the cosmetic surgery patient are unique and require attention to detail and a customer-service approach.

The Southern Surgical Arts facility will perform cosmetic surgery with a staff that is well trained and experienced in the field. The 17-member staff has the expertise needed to care for the patient before, during and after surgery, say doctors Nease and Deal.

By having a fully equipped, fully accredited surgery center, the team will be able to offer a full range of cosmetic procedures in a safe environment and at a competitive cost. Dr. Nease says, “It will be a great improvement for everyone, and we are excited to bring this facility and our practice to the community.”

For the bios and specialties of Dr. Carey Nease and Dr. Chad Deal visit southernsurgicalarts.com

Story by Miles Baker
Photography by Jamie Clayton and courtesy of Southern Surgical Arts

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