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The latest boutique-style fitness club to join the Chattanooga workout scene, VIVE for Women, offers heart-rate monitored, group fitness classes for all fitness levels. The new concept, owned by Jack Silberman along with son Taylor Silberman is unique—it is for women only. The cutting edge theory in their training consists of five different components: treadmill, bike interval training blocks, flex-line strength and toning, functional conditioning, and ab sculpting.

Jack Silberman has been a leader in the fitness industry for the past past thirty years and has developed fitness clubs, personal training studios, Fit camps for women, InShapeMD Medical Weight Loss/Anti-Aging Clinic, and a personal training school.

He chose Chattanooga to launch VIVE, which he believes will revolutionize the fitness industry for women.

“One of the most incredible steps we took when developing VIVE was with our Flex-line cable systems. There are only four of these flex-line cable systems in the entire country, and VIVE is one of them,” explains Jack Silberman.

The system requires no weights and has blue tooth technology in the handles. With a touch of a button, members can increase or decrease the resistance of their workout. This prevents having to stop and change weights like traditional weighted cable systems.

The popular North Shore fitness studio has also incorporated “non-motorized curved treadmills” which until now, were available only in professional-level training facilities. There are no buttons to hit, no plugs in the wall, each member becomes the motor—making it an efficient piece of equipment.

Each fitness program is specifically designed to monitor individuals’ heart rates during the entire workout. Each member wears a monitor and their heart rate is displayed on two large TV screens over the cardio equipment. As they increase the intensity of their workout, the heart rate on the screen changes to different colors. When members are in the pink level, they are burning 12 calories/minute. When in the red level, they will be burning 15 calories/minute. The colors allow the trainers to know how much they can push members or hold them back, if needed. Most members burn about 600 calories in a 1-hour VIVE Class.

At the end of class each member receives an email with their progress and results, a helpful tool for goal tracking. At the completion of a month, they receive the results from their progress for the entire month.

Backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), the heart-rate monitored training is designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that will spike metabolism and increase energy within a 60 minute workout. Therefore creating more energy, and visible toning as well as burning extra fat and calories for up to 38 hours after the workout.

Every day is a completely different workout. Muscle groups are rotated so the body will be challenged in more ways than one. “You never have to worry about what you will do in our studio. When you walk in, everything is planned for you and in one hour you leave knowing you just took complete care of yourself,” says Jack Silberman.

All the function training and core stability exercises are programmed by the master trainers, which includes Jack himself and his son Taylor. The exercises are then cast onto a large TV screen in the workout area for the members to follow. That way they know the correct form required. Trainers move throughout the training sessions motivating and helping each individual member progress safely.

“My passion is to help others transform their bodies and overall health,” says Taylor Silberman. “Working out and working hard are very important, but the key to a body transformation comes from the diet and the preparation.”

“We wanted to create a unique vision for women to engage in something bigger than just a place to get in great shape,” says Jack Silberman. “We wanted to develop a concept where women could journey with other women towards their purpose in life. Exercise is just one aspect of that personal growth and development process that takes place at VIVE.”

Jack Silberman offers a “MasterVive Group,” where women meet two times a month with three to five other women. In their time together they have an opportunity to grow and become the best version of themselves.

The Silbermans hope to help women get past the hurdles in their life that hold them back from being the best they can be. They work with clients to accomplish their dreams and strategically map out the steps that will help launch their goals.

VIVE also offers medical services with some of their memberships. The services include: B-12 shots, medical vitals, IV vitamin drips, and fitness assessments. The idea is to help members better manage their health.

“We offer ways for women to come into a VIVE family and leave stronger and better equipped for all they do for themselves and everyone else they serve,” says Jack Silberman.


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