///Parking Woes? Things May Be Looking Up

Parking Woes? Things May Be Looking Up

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As more people move into the downtown area, is public parking keeping up?

River City Co., CARTA and the city of Chattanooga are teaming up to do a comprehensive study for downtown to get a better understanding of how the parking situation will change over a 10-year period.

The study will look at how parking needs will change over the next decade and what actions will be needed to meet the new demand. The study is underway now and should be finished by the summer.

“We know that as Downtown Chattanooga continues to grow and change, strategic parking solutions will be vital for all who enjoy our city: residents, workers and visitors,” states Kim White, President and CEO of River City Company.”

“But we also know that there are strategic solutions for parking that can be implemented both quickly and in the long-term that can assist in meeting parking needs and that future parking demand will be greatly influenced by things like the rise of car share, public transportation options, ride sharing services like Uber and the increased residential choices about to be available downtown.”

“We want to make sure we are planning for the future and making smart decisions about how limited downtown space is utilized.”

The scope of the $250,000 study, conducted by Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, is extensive and includes a full parking supply-and-demand analysis of current off-street and on-street parking supply, an inventory and distribution of public and private facilities, and utilization rates by day and hour for shared-use opportunities.

In addition, the study will also analyze demand with regard to existing zoning requirements, current and future development, special events that place a nontypical strain on parking supply, and the identification and evaluation of potential locations for added parking.

The study is funded by Lyndhurst and Benwood foundations, along with several downtown stakeholders such as Erlanger Health System, UTC and Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation.


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