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Small Business on Another Level

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With today’s technology, business as usual may never be the same and company’s like The Concierge Level, now celebrating its 5th year under a new owner, seeks to sooth the transitional challenge.

“So much has changed in technology and in the way we do business in today’s economy,” says Denise Reed, the enthusiastic owner of The Concierge Level. On the fifth anniversary of her ownership of the company, Reed’s award-winning approach to doing business is to see that every one of her tenants in the office suites has the tools they need to excel and grow their enterprise.

The Concierge Level is physically a collection of office spaces located in Republic Centre- a company founded by Linda Chaff in the early 90s. The prestigious address is often the very amenity that Reed’s clients are looking for in a business location. The high-rise office building in the heart of the city offers security, incredible views of the city and the fastest elevators in town. It’s stylish city club- the Walden Club on the 21st floor-is the scene of many businesses and social gatherings that require privacy, excellent food and attractive spaces for unique events.

Administrative Assistant Dana Woody works at the front desk and in the business center of the office suites.

Administrative Assistant Dana Woody works at the front desk and in the business center of the office suites.

In reality however, the company is so much more, says Reed. She has seen a dramatic shift in the way business is done, with smaller, leaner companies, more one-person entities and more global interaction. “The need for branding your company is critical and that is where we can provide assistance,” Reed says.

Among the 75 clients she serves both virtually and on-site, are human resources-related companies, including consultants and recruiters in almost every speciality. There are also investment strategists, hedge fund managers, accountants and attorneys of every stripe, from immigration to tax to general practice. There are writers and designers, too. More importantly, clients can get help with almost anything from data mining to Power Point presentations. They may opt to have their telephones answered or not. The use of shared equipment and space including copying and fax machines, shipping services and conference room rental make doing business more efficient and affordable for all.

“What is exciting to our staff is they gain exposure to all genres of business,” says Reed. The variety encourages creative thinking and collaboration. It also creates a big picture of the economy. “We’re not an incubator, but it happens.”

Because of the synergy of a corporate suites situation, small businesses have the confidence to take on new contracts, to brainstorm with other professionals and to polish their business image.

Brent Russell, vice president and financial consultant for Charles Schwab says it was his company’s decision to have his office in the suites, instead of a brick and mortar situation. “It makes sense for us,” says Russell. “In terms of efficiency in this market it has worked out very well.”

Quick to embrace new technology, Reed has an online blog and opens the conference room to what she calls idea factories that are open to the public and are excellent times to explore ways to use the Internet and social media to promote goods and services and build brand awareness.

Brent Russell of Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. handles investments from a pleasant corner office on the sixth floor.

Brent Russell of Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. handles investments from a pleasant corner office on the sixth floor.

As for what’s ahead, Reed believes telephone technology will undergo powerful changes in the next few years. “The possibilities are unlimited,” she remarks almost wistfully. Is it possible to be wistful about the future- if you happen to be Denise Reed, apparently so, says clients.

If small businesses are looking for well-maintained, monitored and secure locations with off-site data backup and layers of extra services, Reed thinks they may be interested in The Concierge Level. “As the name indicates, the staff is there when the small business owner needs it,” says Reed. “Actually, we act as part of your staff.” She says it makes no difference- a small company may only need help with one huge mailing a year, or it may need help once a month. “A knowledgeable and familiar staff has more continuity than a temporary service. Leasing office space in The Concierge Level is a great value,” she adds.

Tax attorney Hal Baxley says he appreciates the supportive atmosphere. He recently completed a sizable promotional campaign and says, “There’s nothing like having a strong support system.” Clearly Denise Reed enjoys the challenge of meeting the needs of such a variety of companies. “I love to see companies succeed and grow.”

Visit www.theconciergelevel.com for more information. 

Photography courtesy of The Concierge Level

This story was originally published in the Dec 2011/Jan 2012 Issue of Chattanooga Magazine. 


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