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It’s a Visual World

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Color transcends category and season.

Open with spring“Life is visual” says Darin Wright, owner of elea blake cosmetics, a retail cosmetic salon located in the Innovation District. Everyone knows this simple truth up to a point, but Wright spends her days immersed in the application of reflective color, working as a color designer and consultant with clients in her color studio, specializing in customized makeup colors, as well as, wardrobe and interior color customization. She focuses on color in the context of the individual and has created a color system that draws from scientific and artistic methods of color selection based on the Munsell Color Theory. The most frequently asked question about dealing with color is how color trends happen and what colors are going to be “in” next season.

“Forecasting color trends takes a lot of research and can be difficult to predict,” says Wright. “A color trend, not unlike a fashion trend, can be inspired by celebrities, politicians or even street fashion. A close eye is kept on current economics, popular blogs, blockbuster movies, television favorites and hot travel destinations.

SpringTrend1“The trends are not created without regard for one another though,” she is quick to point out. “Current trends are used to flow into future trends creating a transitional and harmonious flow from one season to the next. This is also done for buyers and sellers alike so that merchandise can be worked into the next color scheme nicely. Consumers appreciate this concept because it allows pieces to be incorporated from current to future collections.”

Pointing to an array of color swatches laid out in front of her, Wright shows the previous trends from last season next to the current ones.

“It’s not unusual to see the last season’s “it” color continue to maintain a strong presence in the next season or longer. It’s also not uncommon to see related shades, tints or tones of those colors in future palettes in order to create compatibility. I think of music in relation to color, a refrain leading to the notes of the next stanza.”

SpringTrends3Designers use color trends to ensure their clients will be able to find plenty of options within their chosen color palettes in whatever market they are shopping in, but it isn’t just for designers. “In makeup, we enjoy using a color scheme to create an overall congruent look and allow the eye to absorb the beauty of the individual with no visual distractions or interference. Color stories featuring trending colors are created and/or featured to embrace the current trends.” 

The importance of color is not lost on professionals within the visual market, there are many trend experts that exist purely to serve these professionals, but Wright refers to the Pantone Color Matching System specifically due to its huge presence in the marketplace.

“Pantone does a good job picking colors that are going to stand above the rest.” The task of choosing colors from these trends may be daunting to those who aren’t familiar with putting together a color palette, but she believes anyone can find agreeable tones within the trend reports.

SpringTrends4“Never let a color take the upper hand!  You should be able to see you and the color—there should be no competition between the two. The right color will give you more definition and enhance your beauty.”

The same can be applied to furniture color schemes as well she points out, “When you are paying attention to the colors that surround you, it is almost like a set in a movie, those colors can make you stand out and accentuate your looks or they can act like bad lighting in a bathroom or dressing room.”

The most crucial thing to remember with regard to color is not to fear it. Wright refers back to the Pantone colors and acknowledges, “…most color stories offer several options from deep to bright. Even adding a fun lip in the color of the season can prove to be very uplifting. If you find that a color doesn’t exactly look the best on you but you love it visually, don’t be afraid to wear it as a pop of color away from the face or as an accent piece in the home.” 

She also emphasizes that trends are trends, while they are helpful in refreshing your look, the color that looks amazing on you will always be in style despite the trends. “A statement color, as long as it is yours, will transcend seasons and yearly forecasts. Make sure to always keep it with you in one way or another.”

Creative Director: Darin Wright
Makeup: Darin Wright of elea blake cosmetics
Hair: Rachel McCoy of The Strand
Fashion: Maria Key of Verde Boutique
Flowers: Blue Ivy Flowers
Set Design: Carter Fowler of The Furniture Shoppe & The Patio Shop
Photographer: Blake Blamalam Photography

By Darin Wright
Photography courtesy of Elea Blake Cosmetics

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