///Aquatic Resource Management Celebrates 20 Years

Aquatic Resource Management Celebrates 20 Years

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Aquatic Resources Management, Inc. recently announced it is celebrating 20 years of improving ponds and lakes for fishing. Started in 1994, Jim Caldwell founded the company not long after graduating from Auburn University with a Masters degree in Aquaculture. Since that time the company has developed a customer base of developers and private clients seeking to make their lakes and ponds more pleasing to look at and more fun to fish. ARM has focused on the Southeastern region.

Jim Caldwell “Great fisheries don’t just happen…they are planned,” says Caldwell. “They must be nurtured and sustained. It may take a few years to significantly improve the fishing, but once you have your lake moving forward it just keeps getting better and better.”

In addition to stocking ponds, the company offers several other services to help maintain a healthy environment for fish.

“We visit ponds every two weeks beginning in March and ending in October. We may add fertilizer, fill your automatic fish feeders or add shading dye to the lake for weed control,” says Caldwell.

The company monitors water quality, fish and aquatic weeds. ARM also checks for unwanted visitors, from bears to beavers, that may negatively impact lakes and ponds. “There are many benefits to having a fisheries biologist visit your lake every two weeks.”

For more information see aquaticresourcemgmt.com

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