///Senior Care Advisors Expands Services

Senior Care Advisors Expands Services

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Senior Care Advisors is an independent eldercare planning company based in Chattanooga, TN. Established in early 2010, founder Brett Billings sought out to provide insightful, client-focused advice for seniors facing challenging decisions regarding their eldercare needs. SCA a unique client-focused approach to planning for the healthcare needs of seniors.

“I have known Brett for many years, both professionally and personally. His experience in this healthcare maze provides invaluable service to many clients and their families,” says Kevin M. Fuerst, president, Fuerst Financial Group. “Beyond the practical advice and assistance, he delivers personal attention for their ongoing questions and concerns. He is an advocate for the challenges facing the elderly and works to make sure they are receiving proper care.”

Senior Care Advisors offers the following services:

  • Eldercare Planning
  • Care Management
  • LTC Insurance Claims and Management
  • Distance Care Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Emergency Care Implementation
  • Family Support and Education
  • Educational Talks
  • Benefit Qualification
  • End of Life Planning
  • Corporate Aging Support Service

For more information on Senior Care Advisors, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, visit www.scachattanooga.com or call (423)432-7514.

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