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Aspiring Teens Battle It Out at the at The Chattanooga Market

For the first time ever, five young culinary artists will compete in the Team Tennessee Teen Cook-Off at the Chattanooga Market on June 24th for a chance to win a “golden ticket” to the 2018 World Food Championships this fall. Assistant Executive Director of Public Markets, Melissa Lail, says, “Our big passion is food, and we love to share ideas and collaborate with the community. We’ve been working with local chefs for years and connecting them with the public and local farms. We thought ‘why not work with the younger generation and help them get their start?’ And so, we embarked on something we think will grow and provide real value for teens.” Public Markets’ (state representative for World Food Championships) idea for a teen competition went up the ladder—for the first time, WFC has now created a teen component at their national event. The five competitors for the Chattanooga [...]

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Pick Tennessee Showcases Local Entrepreneurs at TGCSA

The Tennessee Grocers and Convenience Store Assoication (TGCSA) Convention is a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs to get their products in mainstream grocery stores. The 2018 Convention was held here in Chattanooga on June 8th at the Chattanooga Convention Center. TGCSA is the strong voice of Tennessee’s food industry before the [...]

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Semi-Pro Football Comes to Chattanooga

In a small office in Rock Spring, Georgia, Tracey Rico is planning to bring semi-pro football into a new era. Rico, who played high school football at ℹ Boyd-Buchanan and played briefly at the ℹ University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, has been a successful player and team owner for 15 years and [...]

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Passage Power

Consisting of a continuous linear volume constructed from a series of large, simple steel tubes, the project physically connects visitors with a single gesture while also producing a multitude of dynamic conditions. Cogent Studio and collaborators enliven another Chattanooga alleyway with Passageways 2.0 It may be safe to [...]

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Chattanooga Christian School wins Best Show, Best Set Design, and Best Ensemble at 2018 Spotlight Awards

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Chattanooga Christian School's production of "Meet Me in St. Louis" took home three 2018 Spotlight Awards on Saturday night, winning for Best Set Design, Best Ensemble and Best Show. "The thing that really stood out about these awards were that they all focused on collaboration and community," says Director of [...]

Chattanooga School of Language wins “Small Business of the Year” award

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Laurie Stevens, founder, ℹ Chattanooga School of Language Wins Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce 2018 “Small Business of the Year” award Interview by Nancy Henderson Photography by Steven Llorca NH: What inspired you to start the Chattanooga School of Language? LS: A personal experience changed my life, both professionally and personally, [...]

A Miracle on the Field

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Joel Westbrook is just like any other eleven-year-old boy—he loves baseball and dreams of one day being a baseball superstar. In September 2017, Joel finally had a chance to live out his dream when the Miracle League Field Sports Complex and Playground opened at ℹ Warner Park in Chattanooga, which [...]