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The New Miller Park

After three years of planning and reconstruction, a new space emerges. At the corner of MLK and Georgia Avenue, there is a noticeable grid shift in the layout of the streets and the flow of traffic—both pedestrian and vehicular. It is a natural meeting point and has been the object of much scrutiny. Events at ℹ️ Waterhouse Pavilion had been overflowing for several years and, obviously, leaders thought an upgrade was needed. Since 2013, plans have been cooking, with ℹ️ River City Company stirring the caldron, summoning members of the community to put forth ideas for the outgrown area through its City Center Plan and the Chattanooga Forward Task Force Initiative. In 2015 the design process began officially and in 2017 construction commenced. With an inspired new design implemented by hundreds of craftsmen, the park has just reopened. “We are more than thrilled,” says City of Chattanooga spokesperson Richell Albright. “It has [...]

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Alpharetta, GA Raises the Standard for Excellence in Culinary Travel and Experiences

The quest for authentic dining experiences and culinary excellence continues to be a powerful driver of tourism, and the city of Alpharetta, Ga. boasts an unbeatable lineup of top-notch eateries and one-of-a-kind culinary hot spots. The city’s well-established and eclectic dining scene continues to break the mold and challenge the [...]

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New Hunter Exhibit Chronicles “Evolution of a Museum”

Nandini Makrandi, chief curator at the ℹ️ Hunter Museum, strolls down the East Wing entry hall, stopping to point out some highlights of a new exhibit called Evolution of a Museum. Installation image detail from the Hunter Museum of American Art during a 1970s exhibition “We are always getting [...]

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NOLA Inspired Cuisine Headlines at the new Parkway Pourhouse

With a grand opening just last week, the latest restaurant to Riverfront Parkway, Parkway Pourhouse, brings added life to a new residential space where there is plenty of activity developing. Tavern Burger In spite of the connotation a trip to the poor house once rendered, a visit to [...]

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Lodge Cast Iron Cook Off Featured Chef: Nick Thiers

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A sizzling hot food competition is just what Chattanooga Market is serving up. The Lodge Cast Iron Cook-off returns, where 5 regional chefs will shop for local ingredients at the Market and then prepare a unique dish in hopes of earning high marks with the judges at the competition. One [...]

Lodge Cast Iron Featured Chef: Patrick Halloran

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The Lodge Cast Iron Cook-off returns to Chattanooga Market this weekend to grant one top notch chef in the state of Tennessee a golden ticket to the World Food Championships, along with some pretty terrific bragging rights. This week ChattMag introduces each of the chefs competing. Patrick Halloran "Every day [...]

Lodge Cast Iron Cook Off Featured Chef: B.J. Lofback

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This week, ChattMag is highlighting Lodge Cast Iron Cook-off Chefs. The annual competition is always a steamy one. Held at the popular downtown Chattanooga Market, 5 chefs will compete—using only Lodge Cast Iron cookware. While usually a pool of Chattanooga's best, this year's World Food Championship inclusion opened the competition [...]

Lodge Cast Iron Cook-Off Featured Chef: Dao Le

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Lodge's Cast Iron Cook-off  at Chattanooga Market highlights 5 Tennessee Chefs who are preparing a 'market fresh' dish before a live audience at Chattanooga Market. The chef who earns the highest score from a panel of 5 judges will take home a series of Lodge prizes and a golden ticket [...]

An Annual Pro-Chef Competition Returns to Chattanooga Market – Lodge Cast Iron Cook-off

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There's nothing better than a searing-hot cast-iron skillet sizzling with hot oil and fresh vegetables to send a crowd into a culinary frenzy. And that's what will happen on Sunday, August 26th as a team of well-seasoned chefs compete in Chattanooga Market's annual Lodge Cast Iron Cook-Off. Barron's dish [...]

Air Balloon Festival Returns for Second Year

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On August 18, 2018, the Great Smoky Mountains Hot Air Balloon Festival will return to Townsend after a highly-attended and successful inaugural year in 2017. Last year, the event drew 10,000 attendees to the Townsend Visitors Center as the area was filled with a spectrum of colorful balloons against the [...]